We focused on the needs of the small and medium sized manufacturer. We believe that the two most fundamental aspects of software fit are the industry and the organization size. This has been considered in every aspect of our Pricing, Product design, Feature set, Service model and Business model.


This is the first significant step to determine if our software fit for your business Our manufacturing, distribution, and accounting experts will interview your key team A typical call takes about an hour, but we can hit the high points in 20 minutes if needed We learn a lot about you, you learn the big picture about us.

At the end of the call we have a good idea if our software is a fit for your needs and requirements


We will work with you to develop an meeting for an initial software demonstration, We will request key data samples from your site so you can see and visualise as you would use it. We will conduct the initial customized software demonstration;You will learn everything you need to know about our software, we will learn a lot more about you and continue to make a fit assessment. if you like what you see we are glad to schedule additional demonstrations as needed.


If appropriate we may send our consultant as well as manufacturing expert (sales engineer) to your location to conduct an on-site needs analysis


ERP implementations are challenging for most businesses, but with proper planning you can go live on time and on budget. We will conduct an ERP implementation success factors review with your team or team leader.

Our success factors are based on our many years of experience implementing ERP systems. The goal is to assess your teams ability to succeed and mutually address any issues that might impact success. This will help us both select the right level of services you will need to succeed.


We will walk you through our services estimator selecting the exact level of services you expect to need for each task and step of your implementation. This will provide you with an accurate estimate of the services you will need. If you find out later that you don’t need us for all of the services, there is no obligation, you pay only for the services you use. We continually update our services guide which is based on our actual experiences implementing ERP software for customers similar to you.


We provide you with ball park pricing each step of the way and detailed pricing in final proposal. Our goal is to set accurate expectations for every aspect of your ERP Software experience that we can meet and exceed.

We use experience consultant that are focused on showing you how we can meet your needs and requirements.

Our goal is to find small and medium sized manufactures that will succeed with Us.