Integrated System for your business

Gathering all of your financial information in one accounting system has never been easier with accounting software and business management solutions from GUAVASOFT. Whether your business is established or new, your Accounting System can be up running easily and quickly, helping you make more informed buying and selling decisions, improve customer service, save money, and ensure profitability into the future.


The center of your accounting system, General Ledger provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions. Maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements.

With General Ledger at the center of your financial system, you can:

Print financial statements and other reports for all of the years for which you’ve saved history.

Use unlimited budgets and forecasts for inquiry and reporting; create revised budgets and forecasts at any time.

Export financial statements, and drill down as needed to supporting information.



With Accounts Payable Software, you can prioritize, in real-time, your vendor payments and decide the best time to make them. Optimize your cash flow disbursements by getting the information you need on vendors you use the most and who offer the best discounts.

Manage your expenses efficiently and keep your accounts up to date with user-defined terms, aging periods, and cutoff dates. Produce timely reports to help assess your financial position. You’ll save time and money with the ability to review outstanding payments by vendor and select which payments to hold or release. Take control of your invoice processing and pay all invoices, prepay invoices, or split invoices for payment.

Improve your AP automation with quick entry and defaults on headers. They allow you to set up fields and header screens so you can skip over fields and enter default values as you choose. View historical data for an unlimited number of years in detail or in summary, and view and select payables to be released for payment.



There’s more to Accounts Receivable than getting out the invoices. Tracking customer credit lines and past conversations means you’re in control of your receivables and your customers know it.

The GUAVASOFT Accounts Receivable module reflects your company’s internal policies and reporting practices because you design all the operating characteristics, including parameter controls, aging periods analytics and transaction codes. Your accounts receivable should represent money in the bank. Make it so.

  • Maintain extensive customer profile information
  • Manage payments in multiple currencies through a single interface
  • Display and print complete customer information (Transaction, YTD purchases, last year’s comparisons, etc.)
  • Maintain a history of conversations and commitments made to date
  • Prevent unauthorized sales and minimize your exposure with the Credit Hold feature or utilize credit gating
  • Sophisticated finance charges help manage the finance charge process



Cash Book allows optimal cash management by providing bank reconciliation, as well as tracking information on cash inflows and outflows. Cash Book is part of the set of financial analysis solutions enable managers to forecast and perform what-if analysis on financial data.

It provides a daily means of recording details about sundry deposits and withdrawals, maintaining Cash Book bank balances, reconciling and adjusting entries, and printing online checks. Entries can be posted manually or automatically and the amounts can be distributed to a number of ledger accounts, including those belonging to other companies.



You need to analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets before you acquire them. Once you have them, you need to track their valuation and depreciation. Asset Management Software will help you make wise decisions about when to buy, when to lease, and how to manage your capital for maximum return. You’ll also have the full range of financial and management reports you need to manage your investments and meet tax reporting requirements.

Fixed Asset Management Software provides the forecasting tools you need to evaluate leases, amortize loans, and experiment with depreciation strategies before you make a capital commitment. You can keep a watchful eye on your depreciation options with four depreciation books that let you track four sets of depreciation information.

You can also retire assets at any time. Track the difference between estimated depreciation and actual service life and calculate the cost or proceeds from the retirement of an asset.