Too often, companies invest in a complex manufacturing ERP system, but then fail to take the time to learn all that it can offer. To take full advantage of the multitude of features in GUAVASOFT and reap the benefits that our comprehensive system can offer, GUAVASOFT offers a cost effective option to ERP training. The GUAVASOFT Virtual Training program offers live, online training courses open to customers throughout the globe at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike Internet Based Training sessions, which are intended for single organizations focused on their unique requirements, Virtual Training Classes  are open to all GUAVASOFT users. The curriculum and content will be defined and developed by GUAVASOFT staff to meet the dynamic needs of the overall client base.

Customers connect over the Internet to a live, virtual training session lead by an GUAVASOFT instructor. The virtual class will be presented in the same manner as the GUAVASOFT classroom training courses. A presentation using a structured outline will be followed. The session will close with a question and answer period to allow interaction between the trainer and all attendees.

While not intended to replace the traditional on-site training experience, virtual training courses supplement the current training offerings and provide many benefits including:

  1. Greater Availability – Courses are available to any customer anywhere. Organizations with large video displays can have many people attend the sessions and participate in the open question and answer sessions.
  2. Expanded Course Offerings – Because training sessions are not limited by facility availability, the frequency and subject matter of the courses will continue to grow and evolve to address the evolving needs of the GUAVASOFT user base.
  3. Reduced Training Costs – VTCs eliminate the cost of traveling to a training facility. The low cost per hour for each host connection substantially lowers the cost per attendee.
  4. Peer Communication – The open question and answer session at the end of each VTC session offers users the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers as well as the GUAVASOFT  instructor


There are just two basic requirements to be able to take advantage of Virtual Training:

Direct Internet Connection. The end user PC must be connected to the Internet via an IP address. VTC does not work with a dial-up modem connection to the Internet. Dial-up is generally too slow and unreliable in a training environment. For best connection results, GUAVASOFT does not support modem connections for virtual training.

Voice Line. A voice line must be available in the same location as the PC that will host the training session. This allows users to communicate with the trainer and other users participating in the session.


Just like other training options, VTC sessions are scheduled events with a limited number of connections available. Customers register for VTCs on the VTC registration form and will receive an acknowledgment of enrollment with session login information. At the pre-scheduled time, users and the trainer will connect to the remote session on the IQMS server, as well as dial into a phone connection to handle voice communication. It’s that easy!


  • Courses are offered at a cost effective rate per hour for each host connection. Courses will range from one to three hours in length.
  • (Note: A 50% cancellation fee applies if canceling 48 hours prior to the reserved session. Rates are subject to change).
  • For additional information, contact the GUAVASOFT Training Department at
  • Please check the Training Event Calendar for the most up-to-date list of classes, locations and availability.