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Manufacturing on your own is hard work

04 Oct 2018

If your software does not include work centers and routings, you are manufacturing on your own without any active guidance.  Products get out the door, but it’s very hard work when you are left to your own devices.


Inventory is not manufacturing

03 Oct 2018

Inventory is required for manufacturing because you cannot make products without materials.  But inventory is not manufacturing.  Manufacturing is performing the processes used to make your products and coordinating shop activities.


Operating Only with BOMs Is Hard Work

02 Oct 2018

If you are a manufacturing company and your software does not include work centers and routings, it is not a manufacturing software system, even if it includes bills of material (BOMs) and assembly builds. BOMs define the materials that comprise your products and assembly builds deduct components when finished items are ...


Material Requirements Planning

12 May 2017

Material Requirements Planning The main objective of any manufacturing planning and control system is to have the right materials in the right quantities available at the right time to meet the demand for the firm’s products. The material requirements plan’s objective is to determine what components are needed to meet the ...


Why use of inventory management software with barcodes

02 Feb 2017

Don’t wait until your business is faced with an inventory crisis before implementing barcodes along with dedicated inventory management software. There are a number of reasons why the use of inventory management software, along with barcodes, will not only improve your day-to-day operations, but boost your bottom line in ...


How Barcode Technology Can Benefit YOU

23 Dec 2016

Ever since its entrance into the commercial scene, Barcode Technology has been transforming the business processes of every organization which embraced its use. The following are just some of the many benefits of adopting Barcode Technology in your organization: Can be used for many purposes Barcode Technology can be used ...